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Benefits of Technology Evaluation & Customer Development

Picking the best technologies for your contact center is challenging; extracting the anticipated benefits from those products is even more so. Piercetech provides technology evaluation and call center development services. By providing you with the most beneficial architecture and fastest ROI, we enable you to glean the benefits of enhanced synergy from your new and existing systems. Please contact Piercetech to discuss how you want your contact center to operate.

Balancing Innovation with Disruption

This is not without its challenges. Piercetech needs to keep your costs low, ensure solutions support business goals, and provide innovative solutions with as little disruption as possible. We do this all while trying to utilize existing technologies to extend their payback without compromising the end deliverables. Integrating with legacy applications, we also link disparate platforms for the greatest productivity and ease of use on the customer end.

Taking Your Center to the Next Level

From initial planning and design, to seamless implementation, integration and ongoing optimization, Piercetech will maximize your returns and elevate your customers' experience. Our evaluations typically implement recommendations made by Piercetech in a Deep-Dive Assessment. We take full responsibility for the development, integration, project management, testing, and all other tasks and responsibilities required to deliver a turnkey project.

Innovative Technologies

Advantages & Pricing

As the vision for the implementation was co-created by the client and Piercetech, it is already well understood, virtually eliminating the chance for any misunderstandings of the intent of the project. Further, the end result accomplishments are guaranteed. Prices are fixed, eliminating your exposure to cost overruns as can happen with time-and-material pricing. Plus, our intimate knowledge of the functioning of the end-deliverables enables us to quote the delivery prices with the confidence to fix those prices. Piercetech stands behind the ROI projected in the Deep-Dive Assessment. The depth of knowledge gained during the assessment enables this commitment to be made.