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Embrace the Future with Social Network Marketing

Social networks are increasingly an integral part of everyone's daily life, so their potential for transforming aspects of contact center operations is incredible. Since 2007, the team at Piercetech has been strategizing with clients about taking advantage of social network marketing through contact center integration. We focus on customizing our services based on monitoring users' social network interactions.

Social Media Devices

The State of the Art

Newly available core technology enables Piercetech to bring the advantages of social networks to clients' centers more productively and cost-effectively than ever. Our social networking services are based on state-of-the-art technology, proprietary analytics, experience with social networks, and years of experience in all facets of call center integration including sales and lead generation, campaign development, and customer knowledge enhancement and management through increased utilization of CRM solutions.

Gaining Customer Insight

From tweets to likes, everything that happens on social networks like Facebook™ andf Twitter™ provides tremendous insight into how you can reach customers and new prospects. Track the public's needs, interests, preferences, and disappointments by harnessing the power of social networks, blogs, affiliate groups, online forums, and more. Piercetech has experience monitoring social networks for and gathering as much information as possible. Then using our skills and integration experience, we help you turn that social information into competitive advantage from multiple perspectives.