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Initiatives for Going from Service To Sales

Customer conversion from service to sales is one of the key ways to boost revenue. Piercetech helps you introduce a sales element into your customer contact center in order to help you meet and exceed sales quotas. This also helps migrate the contact center from a cost center to a profit center.

Combining Support with Solid Sales Techniques

"Service to sales" does not mean de-emphasizing customer service or lowing customer satisfaction standards in favor of selling. On the contrary, delivering an excellent customer service experience and meeting all support requests is the very foundation of increasing sales, loyalty, and retention. It will also lead to increased customer lifetime value, which adds to profits and profitability. Following conversion into a profit center, additional investments in your customer contact center can be more easily justified, which further enhances customer satisfaction and boosts sales.

Excellence on All Sides

The challenge is doing both service and sales with excellence. Piercetech will meet that challenge. Following a Deep-Dive Assessment, we construct a customized Service-to-Sales Roadmap. This sequential plan for migration includes all the design and implementation documentation to implement the recommendations. The engagement deliverable will identify and provide the documentation to design, create and automate your processes, procedures, and technologies to accomplish your service-to-sales objectives.


Moving Forward

You then have the choice of contracting with Piercetech. The Deep-Dive deliverable will include a fixed price to implement our recommendations, based on your technology evaluation. You also have the option to use the design documentation to have your internal resources or a third party perform the implementation. Piercetech can also work as part of a team with either or both of those resources. The following are example capabilities addressed in a service-to-sales initiative engagement:

• Support Selling By Service Agents With Minimal Training
• "Coach" Agents In Real-Time From Introducing To Closing the Sale
• Overcome the Reluctance Of Servicing Agents To Engage In Sales 
• Enable Personalized Selling
• Overcome Customer Objections
• Identify High-Probability Attrition Candidates
• Increase Percentages Of Sales Closes
• Incorporate the VRU Into the Sales & Customer Satisfaction
• Select & Obtain Metrics To Develop Meaningful, Actionable Reports
• Assure Customer Satisfaction Remains At the Same or Higher Level
• Boost Customer Loyalty
• Decrease Customer Churn
• Evaluate Social Networks To Increase Sales & Boost Customer Satisfaction
• Devise Call Center Sales Incentives To Motivate & Reward Service/Sales Agents
• Provide Agents the Right Recommendation for the Correct Customers At the Right Time
• Develop & Utilize Retention Ratings To Invoke Logic-Based, Automated Retention Workflows
• Produce a Customer Segmentation Matrix for Call Routing, Priority Queuing, & Agent Matching
• Utilize Multiple Channels To Improve Service Delivery & Sales Attainment
• Automatically Identify New Sales, Cross-Sales, & Up-Sales Opportunities
• Easily Transition From a Service Transaction To a Sales Engagement
• Develop Call Tracking Calls By Type/Customer/Agent for CQI To Perfect Transaction Processing
• Utilize Your Existing Sales Training & Sales Expertise In the Contact Center Environment
• Incorporate Sales Evaluations Into Quality Monitoring

Ready to Help

Your requirements and needs are unique and may include some, all, or other areas of capability. Give Piercetech a call. We'll be happy to engage in a discussion to help you decide if and how you can benefit from a Service to Sales Initiative evaluation.