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Driving Customer Satisfaction with Performance Management for CRM

Work with Piercetech to make the most of your contact center operations through customer-focused performance management. Through CRM optimization, we help you take control of your data and build ideal customer relationship management processes.

Optimizing Your Performance

Simply put, performance management helps organizations achieve their strategic goals. Rather than discarding the data accessibility previous systems fostered, performance management harnesses it to help ensure that an organization's data works in service to organizational goals to provide information that is actually useful in achieving them and focuses on the Operational Networking Processes between that performance level. This results in involves a developing a system where:

• Work is planned and expectations are set.
• Performance of work is monitored. 
• Staff ability to perform is developed and enhanced. 
• Performance is rated or measured and the ratings summarized. 
• Top performance is rewarded.

Employee Working

Benefits of Managing Employee Performance

Managing employee performance that facilitates the effective delivery of sales incentive plans. Linking individual objectives and organizational objectives brings about better performance for the company as a whole. There is a clear and immediate correlation between using performance management programs or software and improved sales results.

Integrated Software for Performance Management

Using integrated software from Piercetech, rather than a spreadsheet-based recording system, may deliver a significant return on investment through a range of direct and indirect sales benefits as part of your CRM optimization efforts. There are also significant administrative and financial improvements, including:

Direct Financial Gains:
• Grows Sales
• Eliminates Over-Payments
• Saves Time & Automates Processes
• Accommodates Plan Changes
Motivated Sales Force:
• Optimizes Incentive Plans
• On-Time Reporting & Payments
• Controlled Data Distribution Data
• Visible Calculations
• High Confidence In Payment Accuracy
• Sells the Program
• Improves Engagement
Improved Management Control:
• Flexible & Responsive To Management Needs
• Displays Data Relationships
• Easy To Trace Data Calculations
• Simple Scenario Planning
• Provides Process Documentation
• Helps Audit/Comply With Legislative Requirements