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Expertise in Mergers & Acquisition Support

Mergers and acquisitions are completed for multiple reasons, including: strategic advantage, operating efficiencies, and improved bottom line performance. Piercetech protects and extends that strategic advantage by minimizing customer churn—a potential downside as customers adjust to newly structured organizations—and maximizing efficiencies through expert technology integration, eliminating duplication, and streamlining processes.

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Saving Through Churn Reduction

Improved customer retention/reduced churn preserves millions of dollars in annual revenue for the emerging organization. A 1% reduction in churn for a post-merger company with 2 million customers and average annual per-customer revenues of $500 protects $10 million in sales annually. If the cost-to-acquire a customer is $250, an additional $5 million in reacquisition costs are saved as well.

Lower Frustration, Higher Profits

Piercetech's analysis and recommendations for the integration of each company's customer-facing technologies and processes greatly reduces customer frustration often experienced as a result of merging the customer bases. With Piercetech, customer satisfaction levels are maximized, yielding the highest possible retention rates while at the same time assuring the efficiencies envisioned of the larger organization. The positive balance sheet impact Piercetech's years of M & A experience provides is exactly that sought by management and investors both. These refinements increase the acquisition of net new customers as well.

Moving Your M&A Strategy Forward

Piercetech is confident that our services can benefit your M&A strategy, and we look forward to discussing your requirements with you. Our projects include a total customer experience evaluation to identify gaps, eliminate redundancies, and recommend requirements for a smooth customer conversion, as well as an assessment of technologies and recommendations for best-of-breed technologies. We also offer a comprehensive rapid process and technology integration roadmap for projects to achieve non-disruptive technology upgrades and changes. The major services offered are described below.

Implementation & On-Going Checkups:
• Focuses On Continuous Improvement
• Executes & Implements Chosen Projects
• Confirms Achievement Of Financial & Operational Benefits
• Maintains Project Deliverables
• Identifies New Opportunities for Continuous Improvement & Value Enhancement
Pre-Acquisition Assessment:
• Support a Timely "Go, No-Go" Decision
• Recommend Methods To Keep Customer Losses At Minimum
• Establish Budgetary Funding Needs
• Recommend Retention & Technology Changes
• Develop an Estimate Of the Expected Churn With Retention Analytics

Deep-Dive Assessment:

• Covers Operations & Technology To Be Consolidated
• Establishes Clear ROIs
• Provides Gap Analysis Of Requirements To Level Out Operations
• Prepares Cost-To-Savings Comparison for Each Project
• Stack-Ranks Projects for Implementation Prioritization & Funding
• Delivers Roadmaps Of Cost-Delineated, Time-Bounded Milestones
• Identifies & Scopes Retention, Operational, & Technological Improvement Projects
• Includes Complete Detailed Operational, Technological, & Financial Analyses