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Featured Projects

Piercetech provides contact center consulting services for any aspect of your project. For example, we can assess and design an agent workstation or deliver complete end-to-end solutions including turnkey deliverables, project management, vendor coordination, and full integration, installation, and maintenance. In post-project discussions, many clients have stated that one of the outstanding benefits of our services is the leveraging of their existing technology. Piercetech's "surgical" approach towards customer requirements and project delivery is one of the reasons ROIs are so rapid—typically just four to eight months.

Past Project Successes

Read about some of our past successes below. In addition to call center projects, many clients have utilized Piercetech's overall skills to deliver projects outside of their call centers and we also include examples of these, as well.

VRU Redesign

As follow-on to a Quick-Hit engagement Piercetech performed for an international corporation, the client contracted Piercetech to complete a Deep-Dive assessment of their IVR. This resulted in a detailed recommendation and final design documentation for a redesign of their IVR's VUI and self-help capabilities. Read more about it.

Agent Desktop and CRM

Piercetech designed, integrated, developed, and deployed a custom agent workstation for one of the largest banks in the U.S. It features a web-based, CTI-enabled desktop, integration with disparate legacy back-end banking systems, an integrated Business Process Management capability, and a back-office document processing capability. This automates 160 transaction types, works across two geographically dispersed centers, serves approximately 1,300 agents, and completes more than 1,000,000 transactions per month.

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Enterprise Assessment

A leading provider of financial services and insurance for seniors engaged Piercetech to assess their contact center operations, business processes and infrastructure across six locations. The client chartered Piercetech to create a technology roadmap to address their short and long-term customer service needs. Piercetech delivered a comprehensive plan outlining a strategy to upgrade/consolidate all major customer service technologies.

Custom Technical Help and Staff Support Desk

When technology is involved, the quality and speed of information is key. Find out how Piercetech was able to enhance the timeliness and accuracy of support provided to staff members for a national enterprise. Read more about it.

New-Customer Concierge Service

Customers changing to a new bank have many services to transfer to the new bank. Bankers desire to have as much as possible of each customer's wallet-share, the amount of overall banking services customers take advantage of. Piercetech helped a major bank bring in new customers and boost their service utilization.