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Q. What experience do you have in the contact center market?
A. The principals and core team have been working together and focused on the contact center horizontal for over 15 years. See the Example Projects and Customers.

Q. How does Piercetech measure and calculate ROIs?
A. Common ROI generators for Contact Centers are gains in productivity, e.g., lowering of Average Handle Time (AHT). Increased sales and reduced customer churn are other examples of ROI generators. The areas addressed and calculations used to project the ROI's are always consistent with the client's objectives.

Q. How can Piercetech address issues that extend beyond my contact center, for example back office processing inefficiencies, mistakes in fulfillment, extended or missed customer commitments?
A. Piercetech assessments and follow-on services often include operations that are part of the contact center's transactions either before (e.g., lead transmissions from marketing) or after (e.g., back office processing and other services) the contact center's involvement with the caller. Our process and procedure discoveries can track the transaction from inception to completion and our recommendations often include improvements (extended, automated workflows) for those areas external to the contact center.

Q. What if my areas needing improvement do not directly involve the contact center?
A. The trusted vendor status Piercetech has achieved with clients lead to many requests for our delivery of non-contact center projects. We welcome the opportunity to discuss these projects and how we may be of service to you in your non-contact center requirements.

Q. What products does Piercetech sell?
A. To protect objectivity, Piercetech does not sell or resell any products. Piercetech will recommend any product - if needed - that is the best fit for a client. If appropriate, when Piercetech is needs a toolkit or development framework e.g, for CTI or agent desktop, we have partners whose off-the-shelf software could be utilized.

Q. How often do Piercetech's recommendations require new or updated products?
A. By far, most of our recommendations and resulting ROIs involve improved utilization of clients' existing products. Some improvements that don't require purchasing new technology are: redesigning of IVR menus, enhancing existing workstations, integrating existing but separate technologies, process and procedure streamlining, reporting redesign, and more.

Q. Who implements Piercetech's recommendations?
A. Implementation can be done by the client, a third-party vendor, Piercetech or a combination of all. The assessment deliverables can include (depending on the nature of the assessment) screen designs, data mapping, workflows, integration specifications, architecture diagrams, and more—everything that is needed to execute the implementation phase of the project. The decision of what resources to use typically comes down to evaluating who has the skills necessary to implement, how much time do internal resources with the appropriate skills have available, and what would it cost to have a third-party or Piercetech participate in, or take full responsibility for, the implementation.

Q. Why do clients engage with Piercetech?
A. Exemplary results and outstanding value. Of course, you can—and should—check some references to make sure they agree! Ask them how our innovative solutions have improved customer service and satisfaction, increased sales, and streamlined operations.