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Custom Technical Help & Staff Support Desk

As in many organizations, large and small, a national enterprise had individuals across numerous locations that were informally identified and regarded as "experts" in certain areas of policies, procedures, and other tacit knowledge. As a result, these employees were often interrupted to answer questions for their colleagues company-wide. Obviously, this impacted those experts' productivity, but there were other issues and concerns with this style of informal support and advice. Those main issues were: inconsistency of information, expiration of old policies and procedures unknown by the experts, timeliness of response, and—even worse—completely wrong answers.

Analyzing the Help Desk

Initially, Piercetech completed a study that could easily justify adding non-technical agents to an existing help desk, replacing the informal network of experts with a formalized, tracked and measured support unit. The former experts could remain expert at their positions, regain lost productivity by eliminating continual interruptions, information would be up-to-date and delivered with accuracy and consistency in a timely manner. The study uncovered that the corporation's technically-oriented help desk's off-the-shelf application would have great difficulty servicing those requests for process, procedure and referrals and other non-technical requests.

Roadblocks to Support

During the proof of concept, the technology the client thought would enable the new support unit caused the following roadblocks:

• The helpdesk software's front-end was difficult to use, inflexible in terms of customization and did not conform to the new, blended requirements.
• The interface was causing extended handle times.
• Reports did not meet management's needs and the ability to expand and customize them was lacking.
• Automated searches were limited, again increasing AHT and user frustration.
• Lack of flexibility and customization impacted major incentives: ease, accuracy, and consistency.
• Opening non-technical helpdesk tickets was cumbersome and time-consuming.
• Access to other required applications and databases was indirect and inefficient.
• Additional helpdesk software licenses were costly.

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Implementing a Better Solution

To overcome these roadblocks and execute the centralized vision, Piercetech designed, developed, and implemented a simplified helpdesk solution that exceeded requirement for both technical and non-technical issue resolutions. It incorporated the existing off-the-shelf help desk software into an intuitive browser based user interface, enabling the support personnel to process either type of call from a single, user-friendly desktop. The Piercetech solution provided its own database to capture transaction details for tracking and reporting requirements. Furthermore, we integrated the software with multiple back-end systems for completeness of functionality and cradle-to-grave tracking. Our solution provided:

• Time-Saving Automated Ticket Opening & Setup
• Simplified Information Tracking & Functionality
• Quick Searches Of Database Information By All Required Methods (Employee Number, Location, Name/State, Ticket Search, Etc.)
• Management Insight Into Both Technical & Non-Technical Support Functions (I.E.: Top 20 Callers, Top 20 Issues, All Issues By Category, Calls Handled By Agent, Average Times, Discrete Transaction Times, Etc.)
• Supervision & Real-Time Management Tools To Address Current Performance:
• Calls In Queue
• Average Speed Of Answer
• Current Service Level
• Current Call Duration
• Agent Name
• Start/Stop Time Of the Call
• Agent Views Of Their Individual Performance, E.G., Calls Taken, Open Issues, & More
• Simplified Transfers Of Calls, With Data, Between Non-Technical & Technical Agents
• Negated Need for Expensive Third-Party Helpdesk Licenses

Better Savings All Around

As a result of the Piercetech-designed solution, the customer's ROI was just over eight months. Plus, there were dramatic yearly savings for the following years.