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Advanced Contact Center Consulting & Assessments

Innovative solutions from Piercetech saves our clients millions of dollars each year via increased sales, streamlined operations, improved service, and better bottom-line results. Our strategic business consulting services, coupled with deep-dive assessments and optional implementation and project management support, assure our clients of on-time, on-budget delivery. We help you generate ROI's that are measured in months, not years.

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Total Business Consulting

Piercetech's holistic approach takes all elements of your business into consideration to provide balanced solutions without any unforeseen conflicts down the road. Our range of business consulting services includes:

• Evaluate Operations, Processes, Culture, & Goals As an Inter-Related Whole
• Leverage Existing Technology for Optimum Performance
• Implement Custom Developed & Integrated Solutions, Such As Agent Desktops
• Lower Average Handle Times
• Increase Self-Service Utilization
• Develop Custom Tailored Metrics, Providing Easy-To-Use Actionable Information
• Implement Human Capital Management Programs
• Maximize Workforce Optimization
• Provide Complete Project Management

Diving Into Your Process

Whether you require a strategic architectural roadmap, creation and integration services, process implementation or software development to achieve your business goals, Piercetech is ready to serve you. However, first we need to evaluate your current processes with the following two types of assessments.


This short-duration assessment is used to analyze your way of doing business. We identify the processes, procedures, and technology insufficiencies that are having the most negative impact on a company's customer-facing operations and technology.


This detailed assessment provides specific recommendations and designs from which a project can be implemented. We utilize deep-dive assessments when you know specific root causes that need to analyzed and corrected or are launching into a new area, such as a new line of business, center move, or additional facilities. It may also be a follow up to a Quick-Hit Assessment.